Blogging 201–Goals

Well…it is quite late…my apologies…

I don’t ever do too much with goals because they are forever changing.  What I may want for a goal one day, may not be my intent the next day.  And then there are some that will never change–the more eternal ones.

When I came up with the idea of the Blog, it was for a few different reasons…I like to write, but that was usually done in the context of personal letters to family, relatives, and friends…and we could write 30 page letters to each other, daily…easily.  I have always liked just the act of writing…anything, as long as pen and paper were in hand, I was content.  Now, I have a home-based business that has literally made millionaires out of many, many people across the globe.  More importantly, it has literally saved lives…including my own.  Therefore, since I am just getting my business off the ground, I am wanting to write about it to introduce everyone to Youngevity (or PowerSportsNutrition, my website name). I also want to expose the lies of the Big Pharma and Doctors…and there are many they have told for the last century.  The truth must be told because people are literally suffering in this country for no reason at all.  Including babies being born with diseases and illnesses that are completely unnecessary.  I am also very interested in the Sports aspect of all of this.  I see professional players getting injured in the games and I know their care is more superior than the average person, but they also suffer needlessly at the hands of the medical lies.  Burst annurisms are not sudden and completely preventable..and so are knee replacements.  I am a bit overwhelmed some days with all there is to educate people on.

I may have days where I want to share and talk about different workouts…what works for you and what doesn’t.  Is your form correct? Are you supplementing…because it truly is suicidal to work out and not properly supplement.  Do you eat certain foods at certain times of the day to increase your optimal health?  Do you cleanse properly? Do you know how? Would you be interested in having the answers to these questions and more?

I desire to see a following of as many as I can reach out in the world who are willing and ready to make a lifestyle change.  Who take it seriously, who know the importance of taking care of one’s health and know that you have to feed your body the nutrients it needs in order for it to continually heal itself as G-d Almighty designed each of our bodies to do.

There will be one blog a week of solid information and maybe more…I am disabled myself, and so this completely depends on my physical ability. (I can’t stay online for very long with my injuries sustained from being hit by that car as a pedestrian 3 years ago.)  It is my desire to write every day so as I apply my protocol to my body I expect to be able to work up to a daily or at the very least, every other day posting. Integrity and quality in my posts is critical to me.

Well…that’s a beginning list for me.  I know the goals will get tweeked as time goes on…especially since Michelle has already listed so many things to think about and given me so many ideas!  Thank you!

If you have anything you would like to know about, please let me know…it’s what I am here for!  Comments and suggestions are very welcome! 🙂

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